I have puppies !!!
born 30-03-2001


Pappa      Axel

Mommy  Nille

Axellille.jpg (4186 bytes)

Nillelille.jpg (3749 bytes)

Mosegårdens Axel Blue Boy

Avonaire Dear Little Darling


But unfortunatly, the birth ended in a disaster, and Nille died during a C-section. I am devastated and in deep shock. I have lost the sunshine of my life, my kindred spirit and best friend. I don't know how I can live the rest of my life without her. She would sleep lying in my arms every night, and she could read my thoughts. I miss her more than I can say.

But luckily all 5 pups have survived their rough start in this life. I managed to get hold of a wet-nurse, and she and I have with joined forces managed to make the small ones pull thru. They are all thriving and doing just great. Here they all are showed at 3 weeks.

soffi-1.jpg (5609 bytes)

First, here is Soffi. I have decided to name her after her great-grandmother, my foundationbitch.

Soffi-2.jpg (9176 bytes)

Soffi-4.jpg (12371 bytes)

As you can see, she has a wonderfully clear blue color.
Soffi-5.jpg (12724 bytes)
Nr2-1.jpg (23844 bytes) Here is No.2. She has not been named yet, but is probably sold to go near Copenhagen. She has fishmeat in her coat, they have just started eating on their own, and it is a very messy business.

Nr2-2.jpg (11824 bytes)

Still  No. 2

Nr2-3.jpg (10809 bytes)

No. 2

Nr2-4.jpg (16895 bytes)

No. 2  for the last time.

Mini-1.jpg (21003 bytes)

May I present Mini, who I will also be keeping. I am hoping she and Soffi will inheirat their mothers kind and special spirit so I in the future again will have a dog sleeping in my arms.

Mini-2.jpg (8009 bytes)


Mini-4.jpg (11528 bytes)


Nr4-1.jpg (13993 bytes)

First of the boys, he is No.4. I didn't want to give them names before I was sure they would survive. But all are doing great, and I had better think of some names soon.

Nr4-2.jpg (21149 bytes)

No. 4 from side.

Nr5-1.jpg (20512 bytes)

Here's the last little guy, No. 5

Nr5-2.jpg (17223 bytes)

No. 5

Nr5-4.jpg (16522 bytes)

No. 5 as the final of my "Puppy-Parade".


Hope you enjoyed my babies. I do.