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As far back as I can remember, I have always had a dog sleeping with me in my bed. I still do, only now there is more than one.

There was always a dog in my family, and they were valued pets. Growing up an only child the first many years of my life, I found much comfort in the companionship of our dog.  Most were crossbreeds, but there were a few purebred poodles. When my two sisters finaly arrived, I was almost old enough to leave home, and when I did, I didn't find life complete without the company of a dog. And my first dog was a secondhand German Shepard, named Bosse. He had the most wonderful temper, gentle and sweet.

At some point I read an article about a small dog, called a Corgi. I had never seen one, or even heard of them, but they sounded very interesting, like a dog right after my heart. At that  time I was not aware, that there was two breeds of Corgis. But I decided  that my next dog would be a Corgi.

Life can hold many surprises, and almost by accident, I found out, that a lady not far from me had two Corgis. A handsome tricolour male named Porgy, and a red/white bitch, of course named Bess. Both had bushy, long tails. One day, when I was out walking, I went by her yard, and low and behold, there was a bunch of puppies playing in the yard!!

I didn't  hesitate, but rang her doorbell, and asked if any of the puppies were for sale, and yes, they were, and I immidiatly bought the only bitch in the litter. So I almost stumbled on the Cardigans by accident, but now I am so glad it worked out that way, because the Cardigan is definatly my kind of dog. The Pems are cute, but I am a Cardi-person deep in my heart.

The bitchpuppy, I bought, was my Sheena, a tricolour bitch with rich tan points. I showed her a few times, but she was not really  showdog quality. But I soon was bitten by the sport, and decided to look for one more bitch, this time with showing and maybe breeding in mind.

After a long search, I found Mosegardens Camilla, Soffi among friends, a black/white bitch, and with her I founded the Avonaire kennels. Soffi had a personality the size of the Empire State Building, and she knew she was in charge. She didn't like showing much, and wouldn't speak to me for days, if I took her to a show in spite of her not wanting it, so she was not showed much, but she turned out to be a super brood- bitch.

That is more or less how I started.

Avonaire is a very small kennel, with only a limited amount of dogs, and only one litter a year at the most. Due to declining health, I have MS, I have had to slow down, but no one or nothing will take my dogs away from me, and I hope to go on for many years still.

My dogs live in the house, lie in my sofa, sleep in my bed with me, and are with me every free minute of the day.

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