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Coming from Wales, The Cardi is an ancient breed, maybe even one of the oldest. Bones of dogs with the same build as our modern day Cardi, have been found in archaeological digs of viking villages. Of the two Corgi breeds, we have today, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the  Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the Cardi is considered the original and oldest breed of the two.

There is some confusion as to the origin of the breeds, but I believe the following to be the most likely theory to be true. The Pembroke is the result of some crossing with Scandinavian spitz-type dogs. The Swedish Vestgöts-spitz is too much like the Pem for it to be a coinsidence, and it is believed that the two breeds mingled at some point when travelling with the vikings across the channel. But wether the vikings stole the dogs of the British and took them back to Scandinavia, or brought their own dogs with them, when settlling on the British Islands, cannot be established, but the Vestgötaspitz and the Pem almost certainly are the same dog, and both a spitz-breed.

The Cardi, on the other hand, is believed to have the same ancestors as the Dachshound and Bassets, with some interbreeding of some Collie-types. If this is true, then the Cardi is not a spitz.

Both breeds, Pem and Cardi,  have been herders and working dogs on the welsh farms. They hearded mainly cattle to and from the marked, they worked hard and were very valued for their endurance. Also they were good ratters, dependable playmates for the children, and simply nice dogs to have in the family.

Today the two breeds are fairly easy to tell apart, but earlier there was a good deal interbreeding, and sometimes it was only a matter of the dog having a tail or not, that determined if the dog was considered a Pem or Cardi.

In 1934 the British Kennel Club determined them as two seperate breeds, and all interbreeding ended. And now there are very distinct differences in the two breeds. The Cardi is a larger and  heavier built dog, with large rounded ears, as opposed to the smaller, more pointed ears of the Pem. The Pem has straight front legs, whereas the Cardis front legs are bowed to fit around the ribcage, like a Basset. The head is not as foxy as that of the Pem, and the overall impression is that of a no-nonsence, let's-get-to-work attitude .

Also the Cardi is not quite as outgoing as the Pem,  he is more reserved and the Cardi picks his friends with much more thought. If a Cardi decides to be your friend, you have a devoted friend for life, who will give his life for you if necessary.

Today the Cardi is allmost never used for his original purpose, herding, but the workman attitude is still there, and the Cardi loves to work. They are very well suited for all kinds of obedience, agility and training in general.

The Cardi is an easy dog to keep, and if you choose to make a Cardi a member of your family, you will never regret your choise.


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